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"The future's uncertain and the end is always near"
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10th-Nov-2008 10:28 pm - Japanese Maple And The Ring
Night of the day of the dawn...
This would have been great to post for Halloween but better late than never. The Japanese Maple tree we have in the front of the house literally just changed about 6 days ago. I didn't even know we had a Japanese maple. I would just come home and look at our tree and say "damn, that's a fine lookin' tree we got there". Then about 6 days ago i come home and it's blood red and looks absolutely gorgeous. Because i can't help but think in movies as i couldn't help but remember the scene from the ring where Rachel watches the tape for the first time in the cabin and the sun is beating down on the tree and it's glowing this beautiful blood red. It really hit me as the film is based on the Japanese film called Ringu and was like "Duh, Japanese film, Japanese maple"

The Ring

My House

I promise i don't have any VHS tapes that will kill you...well maybe a few :)
10th-Nov-2008 10:52 am - After Pictures For The House
Night of the day of the dawn...
If you don't remember what the before pictures looked like you can click here

Tons more pics behind the cut!Collapse )
4th-Nov-2008 10:07 am - PSA from Warren Ellis
Night of the day of the dawn...

Dont Forget To VOTE!
4th-Sep-2008 11:42 am - The House!
Night of the day of the dawn...
We've finally settled in to the new house and so far we've been quite happy and surprised at what great shape the house is in. During the inspection we were told that the house was well built and very solid but we never thought that the bulk of our work would just be painting. Most of the pictures that i'm posting can be considered "before" pictures and we'll soon enough post "after" pics.

Come On InCollapse )
18th-Jul-2008 08:51 am(no subject)
I haven't posted in forever as things have been quite busy lately. To even say life has been busy is a complete understatement to be honest. We moved back home to help out my parents as they both have had their health comprimised in the last couple of years, more so my mother. We made a bold move and huge sacrifice to move back home and to live in about a 300 Sq Ft basement (which can really show you what you're made of). I even thought we were crazy at some points through all of this. Surprisingly we've had very little fights and very little to complain about being down there. I think it's because we both saw the good to come of it and we always kept our eye on the ball. My parents are going to be putting up their house very soon in hopes to sell, retire and kick back. They would have done this a while ago but the timing was aweful, hence the reason we moved back in.

We're just about to purchase a beautiful home in Union, NJ in a great area, close to everything including NYC. We actually close on July 25th. So far there have been no complications other than Weichert Financial being up our butts constantly to make sure we "actually" have the downpayment AND the closing costs. To say that banks are scared shitless to lend money out these days is an understatement. Even if you have the money, they want to see EVERYTHING. I guess this is the way it should be and was and should have stayed...maybe the country wouldn't be in this kind of a mess otherwise.

I have been reading posts though. I check often in fact. I hope i have a lot more to post about in the coming future.
14th-Aug-2007 07:49 pm - Stay out of my God Damn video games!
Night of the day of the dawn...
I happen to own an XBOX 360 and i'm a member of the community here on LJ. I get this today...

My Chemical Romance songpack on XBOX live market place...
Guitar Hero II MCR song pack available now on marketplace
500 ms points
34 mb or thereabouts

- Teenagers
- This is how I disappear
- Famous Last Words

pretty fun.
Night of the day of the dawn...
Sweet JESUS! This woman's voice has BAD PORNO written all over it!

19th-Jul-2007 10:02 am - Ron Paul
Night of the day of the dawn...
I'm never one to talk religion or politics as they usually get pretty heated. I'm making an exception with this man Ron Paul. He's not a traditional Republican. He's actually shunned by them because he has realistic views. He's too smart to be president, that's why it probably will not go any further than this. I hope i'm wrong because he has my vote. I recommend looking up any info on him that you can. I'll start you off with this.

13th-Jul-2007 09:02 am(no subject)
Happy birthdays to both gabbogabbo and lostarcadia!
21st-May-2007 08:36 pm - Heath Ledger as The Joker
Night of the day of the dawn...
Looks like they are not only going for dark but deeply demented. Did i mention i can't wait for the next Batman film Next Summer?!?

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